Book Your Retreat

Camp Chandler Booking Process

  1. To get information regarding the program, rates, or available dates, please call 229-0031 or complete the form below.

  2. Camp Chandler Group Representative will communicate with you to match Camp Chandler’s offering with your group’s needs. Our staff customize each retreat for a particular group. Prices vary depending on length of stay, meal service, numbers served, and activities. Contact us for a quote. The group representative will check dates for availability.

  3. The Camp Chandler Group representative will give your group a quote and agree upon a date. Activities needed and meals to be served will need to be agreed upon as well. Quotes will be per person per day. Group leader will supply an anticipated number to be served.

  4. Information we will need to book the group:
    1. Name of Group
    2. Contact Person
    3. Address
    4. Work Phone
    5. Cell Phone
    6. Home Phone
    7. Email Address

  5. Contract will be mailed out.

  6. Upon receipt of the contract, please sign and then return with a 20% deposit. The deposit will go towards the final balance. Deposit and signed contract are required to guarantee a reservation.

  7. One week prior to the event, Camp Chandler will need to know the group’s final, guaranteed number of participants. This is the number that will be used for scheduling staff and ordering meals. This is the minimum number to be billed. The menu, activity schedule, and meeting needs such as tables and A/V equipment will be agreed upon at this time as well.

  8. After the retreat, the group will be billed for their retreat at the guaranteed number or actual number (whichever is higher) times the quoted rate less the deposit.

To get information regarding the program, rates, or available dates, please call 229-0035 or complete the form below.