Overnight Camp

YMCA Camp Chandler offers overnight camp programs for children age 5 to 16. Read below to find out where your child can fit in!

YMCA Overnight Camp Programs:

This is an excellent introduction to resident camping. This program is aimed at the needs of younger campers. The program is highly structured with a smaller counselor per camper ratio. Campers participate in many of the same activities as older campers, but are at camp for a much shorter stay. Campers arrive between 1-3 p.m. on Sunday. Campers have two full days of activities and spend two nights. Parents are invited to camp for dinner and closing ceremonies on Tuesday night.

This wonderful program offers a smooth transition from Scouts to Rangers; it is a great introduction to the one-week Ranger session. This two-night program is similar in structure to the Scouts but adds a little more interaction with the older campers. Campers arrive between 9-10 a.m. on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are full of activities. Parents arrive Friday evening for the parent’s day award ceremony.

Campers may come to camp for one-week or multiple weeks. The Ranger program stresses growth in spirit, mind, and body in a highly structured program. These campers will be introduced to new activities, opportunities and friendships. Each week campers are exposed to an entire spectrum of experiences ranging from individual and quiet devotional times to loud and exuberant group activities.

We offer a special program for our older campers with activities that are geared toward teens. Pioneers will spend their week doing regular camp activities, as well as two out-of-camp day trips like white water canoeing, rappelling, skeet shooting, hiking, or even going to a water park. They will spend a night camping out and having a cookout. They will complete a service project that will benefit the camp. This program represents a great opportunity for personal growth and development, to make new friends, and of course, to have some serious fun!

YMCA Camp Chandler’s Leader In Training program is a three-week camp for motivated individuals who are ready to work and play hard, and who demonstrate additional responsibility and maturity in accepting the challenges of leadership. Space in this program is limited and those interested are encouraged to register early!


Newest program in our line of leadership development is the SWAT program for our motivated 16 year olds that wish to train themselves to one day join the camp staff family. SWAT members work along side camp counselors, learning the essential camp skills needed to be a successful role model for our youth and the responsibilities of the Camp Chandler program. This valuable transition between camper and staff member serves our future camp counselors well as they experience a summer of intense personal growth. There is neither cost nor compensation associated with this program. To apply for this exciting opportunity, please submit an online application or call the camp office at (334) 229-0035.

overnight camp


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session 1

June 12 – 17

June 12 – 17

June 12 – 14

June 15 – 17

June 12 – July 1

session 2

June 19 – 24

June 19 – 24

session 3

June 26 – July 1

June 26 – July 1

June 26 – 28

June 29 – July 1

session 4

July 3 – July 8

July 3 – July 8

session 5

July 10 – 15

July 10 – 15

July 10 – 12

July 13 – 15

July 10 – 29

session 6

July 17 – 22

July 17 – 22

session 7

July 24 – 29

July 24 – 29

Overnight/resident camp

YMCA Camp Chandler offers overnight camp programs for children age 5 to 16. Read below to find out where your child can fit in!

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