Team Building

YMCA Camp Chandler offers team building exercises to challenge campers and have fun. During the low ropes team building course, our staff highlight five elements of effective teamwork:





Developing a Plan


Our Programs are for everyone:

Challenge & Team Building Courses

Have you ever wanted to see what you’re made of? If you’re looking to challenge yourself then come and give Mt. Chandler a try. This 55ft. Climbing Tower has three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and even an open face for rappelling. So, lace up climbing shoes, gather your wits and let Camp Chandler’s expert instructors take care of the rest. They will cover all safety rules, harnessing, and climbing instruction before you begin. Let us help you reach new heights!

Looking for a little adventure? Then YMCA Camp Chandler’s High Ropes Course is right up your alley. The adventure begins as you scale our cargo net, then you make your way across a suspended log, then it’s on to the burma wire bridge, and finally it’s the ride of your life down through the trees on our 100 ft Zip-Line. This course also offers several other options that are more difficult. The entire course is run and supervised by Camp Chandler’s caring and certified staff. Helmets and harnesses are provided and inspected prior to use. This course represents an excellent opportunity to test oneself in a fun and safe environment.

In addition to the High Ropes Course, YMCA Camp Chandler offers two other types of challenges. The Vertical Playpen is a series of cables that form different levels. Each level offers several options for getting to the next level. No two trips up the Vertical Playpen are ever the same. The other adventure known as The Pamper Pole requires participants to don a full-body harness attached to a belay rope and scale a telephone pole. Then from a standing position, the participant leaps for a trapeze hanging in front of them. Whether the trapeze is caught or not, the participant is then safely and slowly lowered to the ground by one of our instructors. Are you ready to take the leap of faith?