Do you love working in the outdoors? Do you love working with children? Do you want a job that embodies both of these aspects and so much more? Then working at Camp Chandler is the job for you. Working at Camp Chandler will give you the chance to be outside and give you the chance to impact a child’s life for the positive.

If you are in college and thinking that working at Camp Chandler will not help you in the further, then consider this. While working at Camp Chandler you will learn valuable leadership skills, management skills, and personal skills. While working at Camp Chandler you will learn skills that will enhance your job marketability. While working as a counselor you have the opportunity to develop many skills that will help you succeed in whatever career you are interested in. While working at Camp Chandler you can master real-life problem solving skills; develop are greater self-understanding; participate in experiences that enhance personal growth; and also develop or expand a network of peer relations. The most important opportunity that you will have while working at Camp Chandler is impacting a child’s life.

benefits of working at camp chandler

positively impact a child's life

If you want to have a positive influence on a child’s life then working at Camp Chandler is the place for you. There are many different ways to impact a child’s life while working at Camp. The biggest and most important way you to influence a child is when you are their cabin counselor. As a cabin counselor you live in the cabin with the campers and get to connect with them on a personal level. Another way you get to connect with the campers is by being an activity leader. No matter what activity you are leading, you get to work with the child and help them accomplish their goal. Whether it is the archery leader or the lifeguard, you are there teaching and encouraging them all throughout the week. The camper might be trying to shoot a bull’s eye or jump off the tower for the first time, and when they finally do it and the smile on their face shows you just how much you believing in them matters.

grow closer to God

Working at Camp Chandler will bring you closer to God. Camp Chandler is a part of the Montgomery YMCA. Camp Chandler is a Christian camp that has devotionals in the mornings and evenings and counselors try all day long be examples to our campers on how to live and walk the life God wants us to.

meet lifelong friends

You will meet people from all over, even different countries. You will meet some of your best friends and friends that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

you will save on everyday expenses

If you are worried about the pay then don’t be. Besides just a pay check you also save on gas, room and board and more everyday expenses that you don’t even realize. While working at Camp Chandler you will live at camp and you do not need to drive anywhere. You will end up saving more then you think, while still earning a paycheck.

If this sounds like something you are interested in please fill out an application or e-mail us for more information about Camp Chandler.

what our current & former staff have to say

The reason I came back to camp chandler as a counselor is the good environment. Fun, Laughter, and Playing, is part of the whole day. Acting silly and crazy is part of the job and the kids love it. A counselor learns several skills in the real world, such as being a sociable person and being a leader. As a counselor, you meet so many children that just want to have a fun week. The biggest reward is knowing the impact you have made on several children’s lives. Being a camp counselor is great fun and rewarding in many different ways

Rebekah Stewart

Camp Chandler isn’t just a place, it is an experience that shapes you for life. The outdoor experience, with real time feedback, is a uniquely effective teacher. Throughout my career and personal life, lessons learned at camp, such as self confidence, teamwork, and leadership, were constant keys to success

Ed Reynolds


I decided to return to Camp Chandler because working with children in an excellent camp atmosphere, like Camp Chandler, is the best way I can think of to spend my summers.

Caroline Woodruff

I returned to be a Camp Chandler counselor because as a camper my counselors made a difference in my life. My counselors helped my find Christ, and grow into the person I am today. I returned to camp for the opportunity to reach out to many children just like I was and offer a helping hand, and encouraging word, and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

Chelsea Carroll


Thank you for your interest in working at YMCA Camp Chandler. I know first hand how working at Camp Chandler can be a life changing experience.

I started to work at camp as a 14 year old Junior Counselor. Through a period of several years, I worked my way up to an Arts & Crafts Instructor, Riflery Instructor, Lifeguard, Assistant Waterfront Director, and Summer Program Director. I know of no other job for a teenager that offers as much opportunity to grow personally.

Right away you are responsible for the spiritual, physical, and mental well being of the campers under your care. What a responsibility taking care of another person’s child. Our parents grant us a lot of trust and we nurture their most prized possession. But the responsibility only grows from there. Our staff have the opportunity to be responsible for major program and operational areas. This experience is invaluable and impossible to get anywhere else. The Camp Chandler Experience will have a direct impact on your future life and career.

For me, I met my wife here and have raised my family here. It has had a remarkable impact on my life and the lives of thousands of past counselors.

Working at Camp Chandler is much more than a summer job. We treat our employees as family and love to watch them develop from summer to summer.

Please review our employee opportunities. We look forward to getting to know you further and seeing if there is a place for you in the Camp Chandler Family.

Jeff Reynolds
Executive Director