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Brown Bag Bus relies on support from community members like you. Your generosity helps fund this program.

Full Stomachs. Full HEarts


The Brown Bag Bus is The YMCA of Greater Montgomery’s one-of-a-kind initiative to combat the effects of childhood hunger in Montgomery, Alabama. Our Brown Bag Bus is unique and serves an immediate need in our community. Outfitted with healthy meals, it travels to different areas in the Montgomery community to serve lunch those in need.

The great thing about having this traveling feeding program is it reaches different sites in our community that are considered to be “high-need”. As the Brown Bag Bus pulls into these incredibly underserved communities which are feeling a sense of helplessness, desperation, and inflicted with poverty, the sound of its horn allows children to run with joy knowing that a meal will sustain them for one more day; their stomach will be silenced; and that they have hope that they will make it through this uncertain time.

These meals are in addition to the nearly 500,000 meals a year the YMCA already serves.

My family and I volunteered to participate in distributing food with the YMCA Brown Bag Bus not realizing that it would be more impact full to us than it was to thr parties we provided food to.  To see the joy on the kids’ faces when they heard the bus coming was so memorable. The conditions in some of the areas we visited was very depressing and it was great to know we could help, in some way.  As a YMCA donor and volunteer I was able to see the value of my financial contributions and it has pushed me to want to give more.- Jennifer Atkins, Broker/Manager, New Waters Realty


Brown Bag Bus Feeding Schedule

Brown Bag Bus Schedule (Everyday 10:30am – 3:00pm)
10:30 am Montgomery Regency Trailer Park
10:30 am: Montgomery Regency
11:00 am: Serenity Apartments
11:20 am: Evergreen Estates
11:40 am: Villas at the Curve
12:00 pm: Fox Crossings
12:20 pm: Virginia Pines
12:40 pm: Virginia Downs
1:00 pm: Virginia Meadows
1:20 pm: Amesbury Apartments
1:45 pm: Heritage Point
2:15 pm: Gibbs East
2:30 pm: Gibbs West
3:00 pm: Parks Place

We are dedicated to helping our local community.

“This is how we’re going to meet people where they are. We’re going to go to people because transportation is an issue many times with kids in our community. They can’t get to us, so now we’re going to them.”

Gary Cobbs, CEO

YMCA of Greater Montgomery


The program will provide 100 meals per day during the school year and 1,000 meals per week during the summer. This will in addition to the 500,000 meals The Y already distributes through its feeding sites. The program allows the organization to close the transportation gap for people who are unable to get to the sites.

70% of our kids in Montgomery are on free and reduced lunch

The bus features enough tables and chairs to accommodate 30 people at a time, as well as a pull-out tent and tables and chairs for outdoor dining. There are TVs on the walls so riders can watch educational programming about food choices.

Other features include games and a counter area where children can learn to actually prepare the healthy snacks they get to enjoy while riding.


The great thing about having this traveling feeding program is it can reach areas in our community that are considered to be “high-need” but are not near one of our current physical locations that are already serving 500,000 meals a year.

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Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors!

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