Youth in Government

Youth in Government is a large component of the Student YMCA program. There are two main components of Youth in Government: Youth Judicial, and Youth Legislature. Although these are both three day conferences, the scope is much larger and much of the learning is done in the local Student YMCA.

Even if you think you are not interested in government, there are many roles available such as:

  • Media: writing and taking pictures for the conference newspaper and blog.
  • Lobbyist: meeting with Youth Legislators and preparing printed material to support legislation that you would like to see passed or defeated
  • Clerks: they keep up with paperwork related to bills and committees
  • Deputies: at Judicial, they keep everyone in order and make sure each courtroom has everything they need
  • Officers: there are many other leadership positions that give students the opportunity to LEARN and the opportunity to GROW!

    You can find out more by reading the program descriptions below and by going to alyig.org.

information Contacts:

Nancy Boyd

Jessica Owens

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Like the Senior High Program, Junior Youth Legislature gives students the opportunity to learn how the Legislative Branch of state government operates, specifically, the House of Representatives. This program gives Junior High students the training they will need to successfully participate in Senior High Youth in Government programs.

When: January, 25, 2019, 8am – 4:30pm
Where: Alabama State Capitol
Grades: 7 – 8 (6th graders can serve as Pages)
Cost: $25 by December 13, 2018 ; $30 by Jan 11, 2019 & $35 after January 11, 2019
Dress Code: Business Professional
Registration Form: Visit alyig.org to register


A hands on program where over 400 high school students take over state government for three days. Participants are required to write a bill on a topic of their choice and take it through the legislative process. Exciting elections, debates, a dance, and lots of fellowship top off this wholesome educational experience.

When: February 22-24, 2019
Where: Montgomery, Alabama
Grades: 9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)
Visit alyig.org for Registration Dates, Times, and Locations.


District meetings are the forums where candidates for office are nominated and district support is gathered. All Youth Legislature forms and amendments are distributed at this meeting. Special attention is given to practicing parliamentary procedure for the session. Each of the four state districts will hold a District Meeting. The students at the Fall Planning Meeting determine these dates and times.

Grades: 9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)
Cost: No Charge
Visit alyig.org for Dates, Times, and Locations.


Officers of the Youth Legislature Program are provided training for the Annual YMCA Youth Legislature Program. Everyone who serves as an elected or appointed leader, media member, or lobbyist must attend this very informative training opportunity.

Visit alyig.org for Dates, Times, and Locations.


This is a hands-on program where students try an actual case and are scored by youth judges. Students work with real life attorneys as team coaches who help them understand the trial process.

When: November (see alyig.org for dates and registration)
Where: Montgomery, Alabama
Grades: 9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)


Young leaders (Grades 9-12) from the across the state meet at YMCA Camp Chandler to plan the Youth Judicial and Youth Legislature Program for the year. These students recommend changes for the program as well as rally the support of members from all over the state. The weekend event serves as an introduction to the program as well as an opportunity for past participants to grow and get more engaged in the program. It is a must for new clubs and their advisors.

Visit alyig.org for Dates, Times, and Locations.


This is a preparation meeting for students interested in participating in the Youth Judicial Program. Teams of six students take on the roles of lawyers and witnesses and try a mock case before youth judges. At the District Meeting, the students watch as actual attorneys demonstrate many of the elements needed to try their case at the state program.

Grades: 9-12 (Must be either YIG club members or Student YMCA members)
Cost: NONE
Visit alyig.org for Dates, Times, and Locations