8 Simple Health Tips To Get a Jumpstart On A New You


Simple Health Tips You Can Start TODAY That Will Guarantee Results

We hear it all the time, from doctors to tv commercials. We need to be healthier. Sometimes we try and fall flat on our face. Whether it is because we don’t like the taste of the healthier food or the workout is too difficult. Whatever the reason, we just end up quitting on ourself and our fitness journey. Well, that may be the past but it sure doesn’t have to be your present, let alone your future! Here at the Y, we want to help you achieve success with some simple health tips to get you healthier today!

In an article written by Paige Brettingen on livestrong.com, she explains it only takes a few small tweaks to your diet and fitness habits to get you well on your way. Take a look at these eight changes that will make this fall the healthiest one you’ve ever had.

Eat In Season Produce
Eating local, in-season produce is a change that will benefit the quality of your meals as much as your health. “In addition to its optimal flavor and being more affordable, in-season produce is in its ideal environment and will be in top form nutritionally,” says Deborah Levy, M.S., a registered dietitian and the health and nutrition consultant for Carrington Farms. “And by choosing seasonal foods, you will likely get a cleaner food because fewer pesticides are needed.” Some nourishing seasonal foods to add to your meal menu this fall? Acorn squash, pears, Brussels sprouts, pomegranate and pumpkin.

Focus On Healthy Fats
When fall arrives, the comfort food usually isn’t too far behind. But give some thought to what you’re cooking and baking with, and then try to find healthier alternatives if possible. For instance, Levy recommends substituting coconut oil when cooking or roasting. Coconut oil has a higher smoke point, which means it can be heated to higher temperatures without breaking down into free radicals. Plus, it also has a bevy of health benefits, such as being high in natural saturated fats, which increase the healthy HDL cholesterol and decrease the unhealthy LDL cholesterol.

Work Out With Others
As challenging as it is to wake up before the sun on a chilly morning, starting your day with a “sweat session” will keep you healthy and happy throughout the fall, says Amzallag. The best guarantee that you’ll actually make those workouts a regular part of your week is to get others to join you. “You will double your chances of being committed to your morning run or walk when it is done in a group. And being with friends will help you fight the mild depression that comes with a season change, especially when it gets colder and darker,” says Amzallag.

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