Popular Body Type Goals That Are Completely Unrealistic


Unrealistic Body Type Goals For Women

Almost everyone we see in the popular magazines, on tv, and in the movies all seem to have an incredible body that many people are invious of. Unfortunately many of those body types are just completely unrealistic for the general population. Many are purely based on genetics.

In her article in Shape Magazine, Cristina Goyanes gives the 5 Common Body Goals That Are Unrealistic and what you can do to accentuate your current body type:

The thigh gap—it’s like the latest Hermes bag: Seemingly every woman wants it, yet not everyone can have it. But that doesn’t stop women from hitting the gym or, at times, taking more drastic measures to try to turn their bodies into their “ideal” figures.

And while working out and eating well can help you fine-tune your body, some goals can only be achieved if you’re genetically blessed or have a certain bone structure. So rather than pushing yourself to your breaking point (perhaps literally), find out what’s realistic for your body.

Seeing Victoria Secret models strut the length of a runway without a single thigh rub is enough to make you seethe with jealousy, but simmer down because for most women the only way to not have your inner thighs touch is to refashion your skeleton.

“No dieting or fitness regimen is going to change your bone structure,” say Polly de Mille, an exercise physiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. And it’s urban legend that taking birth control pills for the extra estrogen will help widen your hips and create that gap. “That doesn’t work. You can’t control your hip size.”

Instead of fighting it, embrace the fact that you are fit and have muscle. “If you look at models, you’ll notice they don’t have defined quads or hamstrings like you see on CrossFit women,” says mobility doctor Vonda Wright, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. In other words, active girls have powerful legs that help carry them through their favorite sports and adventures. “Unless you’re genetically wide-hipped, you shouldn’t have a gap. Skinny is not always fit or strong,” she adds.

Dress to love your shape: Rock what your mama gave you in a pencil skirt, suggests style expert Bridgette Raes, author of Style Rx. “Most women who have large thighs normally have a very defined waistline, so the best thing they can do is accentuate that area to create that natural hourglass figure.” Pair the snug bottom with a boat neck top to counterbalance the hip-to-shoulder ratio and emphasize that va-va-voom figure.

V-Cut Abs
Guys aren’t the only ones who can sculpt the lower part of their abs to form that cool v-shape. Singer Pink has wowed us with her stomach for years, before and after having a baby with husband Carey Hart in June 2011. What’s her secret?

“Pink was a gymnast for years, so she likely developed that fit body through training early in life,” de Mille says, adding that genetics is also probably at play since not everyone is designed to chisel their midsection. “People who are apple-shaped may never get lean enough that you can see this kind of definition. They can have abs, they just may be hidden under a little layer of fat.”

Pear-shaped ladies, on the other hand, have a better shot at this look since their fat generally is deposited around their hips—so your thighs may touch, but you’ve got a crazy core. However, you may need to drop your body fat to an unhealthy level to achieve this. If your body fat drops so low that you stop menstruating (the exact percentage at which this happens varies for every woman), your bone health will also suffer, Dr. Wright warns.

Dress to love your shape: A wrap dress with some ruching can work wonders. “People won’t know whether it’s your abs or the dress,” says Raes, who recommends looking for a v-shaped mitered stripe pattern to help pull off the illusion. Look for pieces that are going to help hold you in (a little Lycra goes a long way) instead of flimsy or bulky dresses that won’t help define your midsection.

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