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April 2021

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Gary Cobbs, President & CEO

Letter From the President

Dear Y Friends,

In just a few weeks, the final school bell will ring on this very unusual school year. We know our community’s children are ready for a summer like never before. 

We want to keep you and your kids active all summer long! We invite you to join us from 10 Am to Noon on Saturday, April 24 at Healthy Kid’s Day—the YMCA’s active mind and body family fun day. At this family fun day, you will learn all of the ways our Y can help keep your kids active and learning all summer long. This day is free and will be full of fun, creative and challenging ways you can enjoy fitness as a family.

We invite you to sign up for camps that are filling up very quickly, swimming lessons, or a sport to fill your child’s summer with activities that we all know they are so desperately craving. 

We look forward to helping you and your family as you prepare for an AMAZING SUMMER with our YMCA. Look below for more details about Healthy Kids Day and all of our summer activities!

All my best, 
Gary A. Cobbs
President and CEO

Featured Event: Healthy Kids Day 2021

A tummy full of healthy food. A cup of physical activity. A tablespoon of laugher. A pinch of curiosity. And a dash of fun!

Healthy Kids Day provides all the ingredients for developing healthy, resilient kids. Join the Y for a day full of fun activities that celebrate kids being kids!


Camp, like many Y programs, is about learning skills, developing character, and making friends. But few environments are as special as the YMCA camps, where kids become a community as they learn both how to be more independent and how to contribute to a group as they engage in physical, social, and educational activities. Check out our amazing summer camps for 2021.

Upcoming Sports Programs,
Special Events & Activities


5K and 1 Mile Run to be held at the Emory Folmar YMCA Soccer Complex. All 5K participants will receive a dri-fit shirt. Walk-in/Late registrations are welcome (but not guaranteed a shirt on race day). There will also be a 1 Mile Fun Run (no t-shirts provided with the Fun Run). The event will be held rain or shine. Proceeds benefit the Annual Support Campaign.
  • Registration: February 25 – April 16
  • Cost: 5k Dash – $25 || 1 Mile fun run – $10
  • Age Range: 6 – 80
  • Event Date: April 17, 2021
  • Time: 8:30 am 5k Dash and 9:45 am 1 Mile Fun Run
  • Late Registration: Starts April 5 ($30) for 5k Dash and $15 for 1 Mile Fun Run

Healthy Kids Summer Camp BELL ROAD YMCA

Activities include Zumba kids, yoga kids, cooking classes, playground time, arts & crafts, swimming, sports for all sorts, devotional time and much more!

Each camper gets free swim lessons, Snack & Juice, Bookbag & T-shirt included.

  • Days: Monday-Thursday
  • Time: 9:30am-1:00pm
  • Registration fee: $25
  • Cost: $40 – Members; $80 – Non Members
  • Weekly Themes:
    • June 7-10 Sunshine & Swim Week
    • June 14-17 Ocean Week
    • June 21-23 Animal Planet Week
    • June 28-July 1 4th of July week
    • No camp the week of July 5-9
    • July 12-15 Fun & Fitness week
    • July 19-22 Christmas in July
    • July 26-29 Olympics Week

Questions? Contact Marcie at [email protected]

Swimming Events & Activities


Lifeguards protect their community by preventing, recognizing, and responding to water-related emergencies. In order to get a job at most facilities, you need to become certified, and most employers look for American Red Cross Certification. Obtain your 2-year certification by taking a Lifeguarding course from the American Red Cross through the YMCA of Greater Montgomery. 

General Information
  • Cost for Members: $200.00
  • Cost for Non-Members: $250.00
  • Age Range: 15 and up
  • Participants must be 16-years old to be considered for employment at the YMCA
  • Choose the session most convenient for your schedule at these Y Facilities for Lifeguard Certification Programs

We are hiring lifeguards at the Y!

Master Swim Class

US Masters Team – A division of Montgomery YMCA Barracudas

Summer Swim League

The summer swim league provides a developmental opportunity for young people, ages 5 to 18, to “get their feet wet” and make a significant improvement in proper swim technique during the course of the summer.

The goal of the YMCA of Greater Montgomery Summer Swim League is to provide a fun, positive swim team experience that will help each participant set goals, build self-esteem and improve social skills while learning teamwork, good sportsmanship and aquatic safety.

Check out our SUMMER SWIM LEAGUE PAGE for locations and pricing

Safety Around Water

Safety Around Water is a National YMCA Program designed to teach water safety and survival skills to all children.  This program will teach fun and relevant ways to stay safe in and around any body of water. Swimming is a fun activity, with these necessary skills, that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of the ability to swim. This is a fun and FREE way for children to learn these necessary skills.

Session Dates
  • Session 1-May 17-21 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • Session 2-May 24-28 (Monday Wednesday, Friday)
  • Session 3-June 1-3 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Session Times

  • Preschool– 9:00 am-9:30 am or 5:00 pm-5:30 pm
  • Youth-9:00 am-9:45 am or 5:00 pm-5:45 pm                       
Registration Start May 1st, 2021
This is a FREE program, but space is limited, so participants must register either in house or online to participate in this class. 

For more information please contact Morgan Burch at 334-271-434 or at [email protected]

Year-Round Swim Lessons

The YMCA of Greater Montgomery makes water safety a priority for our community. Participants begin with a swim test to determine their current swimming level. Participants will develop new skills at each level through progressive formatted lessons.
  • Bell Road YMCA,
  • East Family YMCA
  • Cleveland Avenue YMCA
For more information and to get registered for an upcoming session, click the button below

Britton YMCA

Jimmy Hitchcock New Membership

2020 Jimmy Hitchcock Award Membership for a Husband and Wife or an Individual with a Guest. If you have not been a member for the past 5 years, enter promo code NEW to join the committee at half off the regular cost. $50 for Couples or an individual with a guest. Just use the promo code NEW if paying online.

Y Achievers

The Y Achievers program of the YMCA of Greater Montgomery is an academic achievement/career development initiative purposed to help high school students set and pursue high educational and career goals, resulting in graduation and acceptance to an institution of higher learning. The program will now be delivered in a hybrid experience, where a limited number of students will be able to meet at the YMCA and remotely. Program opportunities will still include:

  • ACT Prep
  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Workforce Development
  • Virtual and Face to Face College Tours

YMCA Sports

Bell Road YMCA Summer 4 on 4 Basketball

YMCA Basketball leagues teach children the basics of the sport while they make new friends, stay active, and learn new skills. We are committed to coaching with a focus on fair play, healthy competition, and parent participation. Passing, shooting, and defensive skills are strengthened while the importance of physical fitness.

  • Registration: April 12 – May 29, 2021 (IN-HOUSE ONLY)
  • Cost: $50 Members || $100 Non-members
  • Age Range: 8 to 15
  • Program Dates: June 7 – July 2, 2021

For more information please contact James Garvin at [email protected] or call (334)271-4343

Emory Folmar Soccer Complex Adult Outdoor Soccer

Adult Indoor Soccer League is offered to all individuals 18 years old and older. Each team will participate in 8 league games followed by a single-elimination tournament. Various divisions based on playing ability: Division 1, Division 2, Division 3 (Over 30) and Division 4 (Co-Ed). Individual registration for this program does not guarantee you to be placed on a team. A refund will be issued should you not find/ be placed on a team
  • Date and Time: April 28 – May 30, 2021, Wed, Sun @ 6:00 PM-9:30 PM (3 hours 30 minutes)
  • Registration ends on April 28, 2021.
  • Individual Registration Costs
    • Member: $60.00
    • Non-Member: $60.00
  • Team Registration Costs
    • Member: $600.00
    • Non-Member: $600.00

For more information please contact James Garvin at [email protected] or call (334)271-4343

Midtown YMCA Montgomery Basketball League

The MBL is a competitive Men’s Basketball League that focuses on increasing the skill level of young athletes while cultivating the essential skills of personal responsibility, discipline and teamwork. The MBL will provoke change within the community and provide resources to all that participate.
  • Registration: April 18 – May 23, 2021 (IN-HOUSE ONLY)
  • Cost: $40
  • Age Range: 14 to 19
  • Practices begin: May 24 – May 28, 2021
  • Game Dates: June 12 – July 24, 2021

For more information contact Jess Dailey at 334.262.6411 or [email protected]

Special Events

Summer Gump Sun Triathlon

Join us for Summer Gump Sun Triathlon at the Bell Road YMCA!!! Swim, Bike, Run/Walk

Important Information:

  • Date: June 12, 2021
  • Time: 8:00 am
  • Cost: $30.00
  • Registration deadline: June 1
  • With registration, you will receive a T-shirt and medal 
  • Training will start on March 1
  • Register online or in house
  • Can run or walk the 2 miles; outside or on the treadmill
  • For the swim, how many laps; for bike, how many miles—in the allotted time
  • Meet at outdoor pool for Tri
  • Eligibility: Ages 12 – 99
  • Registration Fee: $30

Lunch and Learn with Carolyn Strickland Wilson YMCA

Join Us for a Lunch and Learn with Carolyn Strickland, Food for Life Instructor.

  • Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2021
  • Time: 12:30 pm
  • Cost: Members $5.00; Non-members $10.00
  • Please bring water and wear a mask
  • Register online or at Member Services; limited spaces available

Childcare and Early Learning

Our Preschool is licensed through DHR, our age range of children are 6 weeks to 5 years. We teach a high reach and highly rich early learning Curriculum.

Watch Tori’s story about the amazing work we do at the East Family YMCA.


The Y provides a variety of activities for school-age youth when school is not in session. Children will meet new friends, have new experiences and most importantly … have fun! Our goal is to provide a program that is convenient for parents and provides them with peace of mind knowing that their child is well cared for.

Kids participating in After School Care learn valuable social and scholastic skills in a safe, fun, and supervised environment. The Y’s After School Care program offers a constructive balance of counselor-led activities and free time for child exploration. 

Click the link below for latest after school locations.

Please note, Wares Ferry Elementary will not be taking pre-K kids for their afterschool program.
Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) is a non-contact fitness program designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s. It’s is a program that is a non-contact boxing style class. We spend about ¼ of the class doing the actual hitting on the heavy bags and speed bags. The remainder of the class is spent doing a variety of things as follows:
  • Coordination- foot movements combined with arm movements
  • Walking and gait activities
  • Strength training with light weights, resistance tubing and body bars
  • Obstacles- stepping over objects forward and back as well as lateral movements
  • Balance training with weight shifting activities as well as static balance
  • Fine motor skills with games such as Operation, stringing beads, buttoning, etc.
  • Cognition- remembering sequences, games like Simon Says.
  • Flexibility- stretches and yoga type activities
  • Core work- seated or on the mat
  • Voice activation- reading tongue twisters, yelling favorite food, singing songs like Row Row your boat.
Questions? Contact the Bell Road YMCA at 334.271.4343

Exercise of the Month: Shoulder Scaption

Shoulder pain occurs in approximately 21% of the general population with Shoulder impingement being the most prevalent diagnosis. Overuse, repetitive movements, poor posture or poor form in the gym accompanied by too much load (weight) can be contributing factors for causing impingement among others.
One exercise that will both strengthen your shoulders and help give you that “V” shape is the Shoulder Scaption. The exercise will target your Middle and Posterior Deltoids as well as the other muscles that make up your Rotator Cuff.

Here’s how:
  1. Grab two dumbbells
  2. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes facing forward
  3. Tighten your core (bracing) and remember, “soft knees.”
  4. Raise the weights 45 degrees from the center line of the body with your thumbs pointing up.
  5. Raise to shoulder height only
  6. Exhale as you raise the weights, inhale as you lower the weights
  7. Return the weights to the starting position.
I recommend you start with light weights (5-10 lbs.) and begin with between 1-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. The tempo should be slow to moderate. You can progress this exercise by trying a Single Leg Scaption with will build both core and joint stability.
(Pics of both double leg and single leg scaption)

CourtSide Academy: Midtown YMCA

CourtSide Academy is a progressive basketball training program that is tailored to individual skill levels and is available to athletes of all ages. Coach Rodney Harrell and Coach Alec Pitts are responsible for cultivating many successful athletes through their organization CourtSide Academy. Their training resume includes numerous collegiate and professional basketball players. Our trainers assess the current skill levels of players and tailor training regiments that promote skill progression.
This training program focuses on in-depth skills, such as 1 on 1 advanced scoring techniques, scoring off screens, ball handling under pressure, and advanced defensive techniques.

If you are looking to elevate your game to the next level, please contact Jess Dailey at Midtown YMCA (334) 262-6411 or email [email protected]

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