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The goal of the quarterly challenge is to complete 3-20 minute workouts per week for 6 weeks. The challenges have different health and fitness goals. You may be able to use some daily activities such as yard work, cleaning the garage, laundry, and other household chore as a count toward your workout goal. To track your workouts minutes you will need use the YMCA App. You must first join the ongoing challenge in the challenge tab on the app to get workouts accredited.

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Biggest Mover

January 20 – February 29

The Biggest Mover is a 6 week program that is designed to get moving to kickstart you “moving” towards reaching your fitness goals. Members will be challenge to complete 120 minutes of physical activity per week for 6 weeks. If the members complete the required minutes of physical over the 6 week period they will receive a YMCA Backpack.

Spring Into Fitness

April 19 – May 30

The goal of this challenge is to complete 120 minutes of activity per week for 6 weeks. To track your activity minutes you will use the YMCA App.

You must first join the “Spring Into Fitness” challenge on the Y Mobile App (Apple or Android). Once you join the challenge you can log your activity minutes in a few different options.

To log your activity, the first option is to use a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker like Fitbit, iWatch, S-watch or any of your other fitness trackers can log your activity minutes if you engage in a work mode.

The next option uses the Xcapture feature. Using Xcapture you go to record a workout and select which cardio equipment you are using to take a picture of the screen. Once you have “Xcaptured” the display of your activity minutes will count towards the challenge.

If you have logged at least 720 minutes by May 30th and you will receive a YMCA cooling towel. 

Y SUmmer Miles

June 1 – July 10

Y Summer Miles will require each participant to complete a total of 72 miles in 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks those that have reached 72 miles will receive a Y Summer Miles T-shirt.

Fall Football Fit Mix

October 5 – November 14

Our Annual Fall Football Fit Mix runs for 6 weeks. Members can sign up with any Wellness Coach, Group Exercise Class, Membership Connector, or by using the App. Staff will then assign each member a card. To be entered into the raffle drawing a card must have all helmets initialed by a YMCA staff and member must turn in completed card to the front desk before member may receive a new card. Only cards that are completed will be eligible for contest drawing.

Past prizes include: gift cards, Big screen TVs, Patio Grills, Coolers, and so much more!! You don’t want to miss out on this member incentive opportunity!

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