YMCA After School Programs, More Than Just Child Care


Kids benefit from after-school programs and child care

Did you know what your children do after-school has a huge impact on their success in school? New studies have shown that a quality after-school program or child care can actually increase their performance in school. We have good news for you too! Our YMCA’s have incredible after-school child care programs that are designed to help your kids succeed!

Ashley Pham in her article from The Noodle says: Every parent knows how important school is for their child’s growth during the K-12 years. However it doesn’t just end when the bell rings at 3 P.M. After-school programs are a great way to further improve your child’s development.

They’ll have vital interactions in a positive environment and learn skills they’ll need for college and beyond.

Here are a few of the advantages of enrolling your children in an after-school program:

Increases Academic Effort and Decreases Likelihood of Skipping School
After-school programs offer the opportunity for kids to not only work on their homework but to get help if they need it. Your child may feel more comfortable working on school assignments in a slightly less formal environment where they can ask questions at any time. Some programs, like the Boys and Girls Club, also have tutoring services or college prep courses.

There are other programs that introduce kids to mathematics and the sciences, getting them excited about these subjects. This can lead to better efforts in school courses and less absent days due to skipping because the child may be more interested.

Fewer Emotional and Behavioral Problems
Your child can also benefit from after-school programs both emotionally and behaviorally if they feel a positive connection to other people. The relationships that are nurtured between staff and children in an after-school program help by focusing on good character traits. Your children will learn lessons like open-mindedness or how to be respectful of others because that’s what is expected of them.

It’s always a great thing when your child can meet new people and learn how to interact with them – they may just make a new friend or two. A study by the Boys and Girls Club found that teens participating in their programs showed decreased shyness and aggression. Your child may find an adult role model they can trust, who can provide advice or just listen to any issues…

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