Check out our Quarterly
Member Fitness Challenge!

The goal of the quarterly challenge is to complete 3-20 minute workouts per week for 6 weeks. The challenges have different health and fitness goals. You may be able to use some daily activities such as yard work, cleaning the garage, laundry, and other household chore as a count toward your workout goal. To track your workouts minutes you will need use the YMCA App. You must first join the ongoing challenge in the challenge tab on the app to get workouts accredited.

YMCA Montgomery is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle for all of our members. We believe that pursuing fitness and an active lifestyle looks different for everyone, so we have provided opportunities and programs for all fitness levels. We invite our members to participate in fitness programs not only to improve their health, but build community with one another.

Virtual Y

Our Y has gone Virtual! Our virtual services provide access FREE mind, body, and spirit videos to keep our members healthy, motivated, and strong until our doors can be completely open again. Join us for live videos, virtual challenges, unlimited workouts, and devotional series.

Fitness Classes

We provide various fitness group classes so our members can exercise together to facilitate community and encourage one another to pursue fitness. Our classes range from cardio to strength training, whether it is yoga, cycling, or aquatics.

Senior Programs

We offers seniors the opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle, healthy relationships and a positive outlook on life. Active older adults live longer and have better functional conditioning. Our Y offers water exercise, yoga, stretching and toning classes, volunteer opportunities, and social events.

Fitness Events

We plan several fitness events through each year to promote healthy living and create community among our members. Participation in our fitness events is a fun way to meet people and pursue fitness together. Fitness events the YMCA 5K Challenge, a series of three premier YMCA 5K races in the River Region.

Fitness Programs

We have several fitness programs at the Y. As we continue to encourage healthy living, the fitness program page highlights key health and wellness programs offered daily at our different facilities. Our aim is to spotlight programs that are permanent fixtures at the different YMCA facilities in our community.

Personal Training

We create workouts to suit your personal needs through one-on-one coaching by nationally-certified trainers. A personal trainer prepares your workout agenda, keeps you on task, and encourages you to try your hardest and do your best. Plus, knowing he or she is waiting for you makes it easier to attain your goals.