My Midtown YMCA

I love my Midtown YMCA

I love my Midtown YMCA! The Midtown YMCA is looking better than ever and even sounds like words straight out of a Hollywood flick. Just think about it, close your eyes and say the words “Midtown YMCA”. Such an exquisite and well deserving name as two major YMCA centers, Westminster YMCA and Southeast YMCA merge to form the new Midtown YMCA.

This merger is in line with the togetherhood plan of having a center that caters to all and not a few. It also ties into the sustainability idea for the sake of the community. To paraphrase the YMCA of Greater Montgomery CEO, Gary Cobbs, “These two YMCAs are so close in proximity, so it makes sense to unite the two YMCAs from a sustainability standopoint for our YMCAs as well,” said Cobbs. “We think we can be able to serve the community in a better fashion and deliver our mission to the community.”

There are new renovations taking place at the new Midtown YMCA with a new indoor track added in a brand new space that boasts the best cardio equipment, weightlifting equipment, spin room, a refreshed gravity workout space amongst others. There will a lot of classes added which should increase as the demands grown.

This YMCA center is going to help drive the mission of the YMCA forward in the community as we strive to serve members the best way possible. This new center will be officially renamed on the 19th of August 2019.

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